“We are Americans not American’ts”

My hero never says no,is helpful and will never give up.My hero is Mr.Stan,he’s bus driver.Ya not that cool,right,but if you get to see under the bus driver part he’s the best person you could ever meet!That’s why he’s my hero.

Mr.San will never say no. He will never say no to an animal or a person in need.If you ask him to do something even when he’s grumpy the answer is always yes!

Mr.Stan is very helpful. He always does things for people.He has served our country in the military.He even helps people with gymnastics.

Mr.Stan will never give up.He wouldn’t even think about it.When he was training his horse ,paige,she kept throwing him off,Of course he kept trying!That takes a lot of courage!
All these things add up to why hes my hero.He might not be yours but hes truly mine.He always say.”we are Americans not American’ts!;)

My Stuffed Bunny

I have a stuffed bunny that got really dirty,
I said,”she looked like a pig.”

Then one day my mom took her in and gave her
a bath. After that she was a pink bubble gum

So I named her Bubble Gum and she loved her
name.We went to the park to play.

Cloning A Mammoth

I think bringing back a mammoth is a bad idea
because the will not service. They will died
because of our climate and if we bring them
back they will died because of our climate.
The scientists says that it will take a lot
of money to to bring back a mammoth. We
could use that money for sick people in
the hospital. Also,the mammoth could turn
on use and kill people. I think a mammoth
needs a lot of room and we don’t have enough
room. Do you agree with me, or disagree?